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The story of Mable is one of function meeting beauty. Of affordability meeting quality. And of flexibility meeting a trusted knowledge of design aesthetics and practicality.

At Mable, it’s our mission to bring this concept of high quality, sustainable, durable and beautiful furniture to South Africans who love bold and minimalist pieces.

What makes Mable different from other furniture manufacturers in South Africa? Our dedication to quality design that’s customisable but still affordable. We’re a small business with a big heart and big goals, and our manufacturing processes are state of the art. At the same time, our priority is to create a sustainable product that’s gentle on the earth.

Mable - The Story

About Maria and Michal

As the founders of the Mable brand, dynamic Polish duo Maria and Michal had always loved the idea of flatpack furniture delivered to your home and then self-assembled. But the problem they found in South Africa was that this type of furniture was typically mass produced using low quality materials. On the other hand, custom-built furniture was often prohibitively expensive, taking months to produce. There was nothing in between.

Luckily, Maria is good at solving problems, given that she’s a scientist of astronomy who specialises in analysing data from NASA telescopes. Maria’s scientific knowledge, spatial imagination and meticulous attention to detail were the perfect ingredients to begin designing a modular storage piece that was both customisable and made to their exacting standards. The duo focused on the humble bookcase as their flagship piece, which they called Mable – it’s elegant and timeless, with a nod to their roots (“meble” means “furniture” in Polish).

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